Wedding Breakfast Menu

How often do you take more than 50 people out for dinner – a sumptious three or four course meal for that matter?

Not often, so your first meal together as husband and wife should be planned, thought about, tasted and wow your guests.

Think about your own favourite dishes and individual tastes and how they can be incorporated into a menu that everyone will enjoy.  Try to think outside of the box; don’t just go for a roast because it’s popular, you can have a roast dinner every week. Why not try a Rosemary Roast Beef with Balsamic and Cranberry Glaze.

Profiteroles are also popular, but can your chef think of profiteroles with a slight twist – how about Profiteroles with Passion Fruit Creme.

And don’t forget about your vegetarian guests – if your chef can only think of Mushroom Risotto – fire him!

Wedding Venues

Etiquette says to send your wedding invitations out three months in advance with an RSVP date of six weeks prior to your wedding.

Those were the good old days before venues started asking for final numbers ten weeks before the event, because they have to order the food. Is that because our food travels such a long way now that we have to ask the producers to start growing it in plenty of time?

Why are the venues putting so much stress onto the alleged happy couples? This should be a time of happiness, enjoying the planning; but no everything is rush, rush, rush around the venue. And this is normally your biggest part of your budget – so lo behold you ask the chef for a free tasting session or something other than mushroom stroganoff for your vegetarians.

So come on you weekday working only wedding co-ordinators, stop passing the buck to the weekend hosts and help your couples relax and enjoy their planning. Oh and remember the groom’s name!