It’s all about where you sit!

When you are a wedding guest, what’s the first thing you do when you sit down at the wedding reception table? You look around, territorially, at your place to see how it looks. What’s the place setting like, where’s the menu, have you got a wedding favour – oh doesn’t the ribbon look pretty, oh my name’s on a little gift for me.

Every wedding is different, so it’s always a little bit exciting to see what you’ve got – and whether you can pinch your partner’s chocolate before he realises he has one!

Then you look around further.  Oh my goodness you’ve got your back to Aunt Flo who you haven’t spoken to years because as a youngster you picked all the blackberries off her cultivated bush before they were ready!  Oh even worse, you’ve realised that you are sat next to Nicole, who just happens to be the woman that you were dumped over. How did that happen?  Either the bride has a sense of humour or no thought was put into where everyone was actually sitting.

Butterfly Table Plan

By using a software package such as Top Table Planner; the bride and groom can ensure instances like this don’t happen, because at a glance they can see where everyone is sitting. Who is facing the top table, who is seated right back out of earshot of the speeches, wheelchair access and those who need to get to the toilet quick!  It’s these little touches that will make guests feel loved by the couple they are celebrating with.

And it’s great for your wedding stationer, venue dresser and venue because they can all see the layout too, with great coloured print outs to go by.

Remember to ensure you have a fabulous table plan too, so everyone knows just where to sit!

Wedding Breakfast Menu

How often do you take more than 50 people out for dinner – a sumptious three or four course meal for that matter?

Not often, so your first meal together as husband and wife should be planned, thought about, tasted and wow your guests.

Think about your own favourite dishes and individual tastes and how they can be incorporated into a menu that everyone will enjoy.  Try to think outside of the box; don’t just go for a roast because it’s popular, you can have a roast dinner every week. Why not try a Rosemary Roast Beef with Balsamic and Cranberry Glaze.

Profiteroles are also popular, but can your chef think of profiteroles with a slight twist – how about Profiteroles with Passion Fruit Creme.

And don’t forget about your vegetarian guests – if your chef can only think of Mushroom Risotto – fire him!