It’s so cold…

Orders for our Missouri design have increased and increased and increased …. must be the snowy weather.

We all love a bit of bling and this wedding stationery range is covered in it!

Pocketfold Wedding Invitation with Crystal Snowflake

Winter Wonderland Snowflake Pocketfold Wedding Invitation

Using beautiful crystal snowflakes this pocketfold wedding invitation is finished with a sprinkling of Swarovski crystals.

The inside has a further sprinkling and the insert can be backed with a colour of your choice – although most go for silver!

We made this design with a blue pocketfold recently and it was absolutely stunning.

Full range is available including place settings, table plans, order of service – with or without the crystal snowflake.


Don’t buy off the shelf… this is your wedding day!

Envelopments with their wedding invitation ranges, isn’t just about wedding stationery, it’s about a concept.  It’s not about just sticking an insert in and tying a ribbon around the front, it’s about you …

Think THEME. Think about the look or tone of your event and imagine the style of invitation that will fit. You may wish to embrace the season, reflect the location, match the attire or convey the level of formality for an event. This will influence initial decisions about colour and pattern combinations.

Consider CONTENT. Determine the information to be communicated. Do you require RSVPs and return envelopes?  Do you require maps, photos and text on your guest information sheets?  All this will help define the shape, size and capacity necessary to contain the communiqué.

So it’s not about just buying a design you see on a website, it’s all about you designing the wedding stationery of your dreams, and Wedding Paraphernalia turning those dreams into reality.  It’s time to stop buying off the shelf and start  buying into your own style and personality.

Want to know more, come and see at Kelmarsh Hall on Sunday 23rd September and we will show you how WE work!

Happy New Year

Once again it’s a new year, but this time we have a new decade to look forward too.  The noughties are now over and what do we have now; the teenies?  And do you say two thousand and ten or twentyten?  Bring back the eighties I say!

Enough about my musings and back to the matter in hand; weddings.  What will 2010 bring us?

Pantone announced that its colour for 2010 is turquoise; and this was immediately seen in the Martha Stewart Wedding magazine by the Envelopments editorial with this design using pale golds and blues and then a brighter design using turquoise with red and green as seen here.  Our interpretation of both these designs will be available on our website by the end of the week – we love being an Envelopmentor!  It just opens up the design side of wedding invitations – why have off-the-shelf when you can have your own designed (and not pay the earth.)

So why not make it your New Year’s resolution to find yourself a wedding stationer – not just find your wedding stationery but find a stationer that you can work with to design the perfect wedding stationery for you.  Make it easy – call us and make an appointment at our retail store/studio!  If you aren’t local check out our website which is constantly being updated with new accessories and new designs.

Christmas is coming…

and our schedule is nearly full and brides are still saying they want to work with us in 2010 for their wedding invitations and wedding stationery.

This is excellent for us in theory but terrible for cashflow at the moment because nobody wants to part with their money just before Christmas.

This is also playing havoc with our scheduling, we can count at least another 50 weddings for the schedule; but on paper they don’t exist yet.

We know what’s going to happen on 4th January 2010 – the phone will start ringing non-stop, the email system will go into meltdown and everyone will want their invites NOW.

Any kind suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

In the meantime, look at this new signature frame we are about to upload to our website – three sizes from £96!

great alternative to a guest book