Wedding Cake Toppers

From little miniature mini-mees to flowers – you can have whatever you like on your wedding cake.

When I got married (just 12 years ago) it was  sugarcrafted flowers to match your colour scheme – although my wedding cake had silk roses and dried lavender on it.  Just as well that we didn’t need it for a Christening as we ate the top layer by our first Christmas as a married couple – just four months later!

Wedding cake toppers; we have a lovely range from traditional bride and grooms to love birds and ceramic hearts. We even have cake toppers to take abroad with you if you are having a destination wedding.

Is social media your “thing”, this texting couple will make your guests smile!

We will have new ranges in 2014 coming in – take a look at all of these.  Surely there is one for everyone!


Funky guestbook alternative ..

If you are having a small wedding and would like to have a funky alternative to a wedding guestbook, a signature or message plate may be the answer.

purple ronnie wedding plateVarious designs are available including Purple Ronnie and Bang on the Door. Although we do have an elegant swirl motif if you don’t want to go comical.

All plates come with a special ceramic pen. Write your messages on the plate – leave to dry for 24 hours and hey presto a keepsake for your wedding.

wedding message plateFrom just £22.99 these wedding message plates are all personalised with the couple’s names and date of wedding.

We’ve even got one with flipflops on for your beach wedding!

flipflop wedding message plate

What is Paraphernalia


Noun – miscellaneous items needed for a particular activity.

What they really mean is lots and lots of lovely bits and pieces for your wedding! And that’s exactly what we have at Wedding Paraphernalia.

Whether it’s bubbles for the tables, a beautiful ring pillow for your page boy or gifts for your bridesmaids, we have a wealth of wedding paraphernalia.

Vintage Lace Collection

According to the Oxford Dictionary vintage denotes something from the past of high quality, especially representing the best of its kind. It used to be a term that just related to wine!

These days vintage is the cool word for most weddings, but what you think is vintage isn’t necessarily what the next bride thinks.

We recently read an article from the States that said vintage was here to stay now because it was a good excuse to visit fleamarkets and charity shops for exceptional bargains in times of austerity.

However you feel about the vintage trend – there’s always going to be new products that are brought to market to give a feel to the latest trends and we are no exception.


Vintage Lace Collection Wedding Ring Pillow

We are therefore pleased to show you today our Vintage Lace Guestbook and matching Ring Pillow!

Both are beautifully designed using cream lace and satin and finished with a crystal button – giving them both an antique-lace feel. You never know if you keep them long enough your grand-daughter may want them as authentic vintage products in the future!


Vintage Lace Collection Wedding Guestbook

Both items are available to purchase online at at £23.99 each.