Favourite Websites

Today, we’re going to list some of our favourite websites that we like to look at for inspiration and some of our favourite people that we follow.

We have to start with the American sites because people in the States really know how to put on a wedding.  Our favourites would be Style me Pretty The Knot and Martha Stewart Weddings.

Blogs we follow are English Wedding and Sugalily.  We just love their style, their energy and their love for all things weddings, fashion and all things lovely.

We love to watch photographer blogs too including Sarah Vivienne, Nigel Ord-Smith and Emily Quinton – particularly when they feature our own wedding clients.

Then there is the normal followings on Twitter, Facebook and Flickr.  These are just links to our own pages as we follow hundreds of different people but gives you the gist.

There are lots of new and old wedding planners that are also becoming a lot more verbal than they ever used to be and doing lots of networking – or is that just we are becoming a little more open to them!  These girls and guys are useful to watch; extremely dedicated, imaginative and very talkative …. Boho, Plans & Present, and Rock and Roll Bride.

Lot’s to look at there.  Have fun xx

Social Networking etc

I am beginning to think that we (Wedding Paraphernalia) need to take someone on just to keep up with all the social networking!  What with Facebook, Twitter, WordPress or Blogger, as well as Flickr for photos and Fan Pages or Groups – confused you will be – and knackered we are!

So how exactly do small businesses cope with all this sudden interest in social networking and keeping up with it all.

We’ve got brides to keep happy with samples and proofs.  We need to design our 2011 portfolio and as for our 2008 accounts mmmm exactly where are those receipts.

As a very small business, we try to concentrate on what we’ve got to do today so it makes it very difficult to sort out social networking and planning for tomorrow.

However, we can’t justify paying out for resources.  There are people that want us to outsource our Facebook pages, our blogs and all our internet followings and we’ve even got a company trying to get us to pay £750 a month for PR.  If we could afford that, I (as a qualified marketing manager) would be paying myself to do it.

Are there any companies out there that really want to help really small businesses or are we just too small fish for them to think about frying.

In the meantime we  Twitter.  We have a Facebook Group and a Facebook Fan Page (and if anyone knows the difference please comment politely!)

Oh and to show we have been doing some work on the 2011 portfolio here’s a new Save the Date card which is adapted from Envelopments.Wedding Save the Date


We’ve never really got the hang of blogging.  However, we have had the whole world of blogging opened up to us by twitter.  We are now reading stuff that we would never have looked for, let alone found.

Our favourite blogs at the moment are:

http://blog.sarahvivienne.co.uk/ – biased here because Sarah is a fab local photographer, that just happened to have her stand next to ours at the National Wedding Show last October!

http://prettybypistachio.blogspot.com/ – because Louise finds some fab stuff

http://weddingmarketing.net/blog/ – because it’s about time someone tried to sort the wheat from the chaff in the wedding industry.