Today ….

We import a lot of goods from Canada; lovely ring cushions, guestbooks, cake toppers, garters to name but a few.

We order maybe once or twice a month and the goods arrive, hopefully, two weeks later. We therefore have a 28 day delivery policy because we can’t stock everything; our shop is just not big enough. But this is written in our terms, is written on every page that Canadian products appear on and is written on our order information page. So why do brides still ring two days before their wedding and ask if we can get them in time? No, unfortunately we can’t but now I feel bad because we can’t! Why do I allow my business to get personal all the time!

We also had a lovely email from a lady that told us how disappointed she was with the quality of our sample and she had decided to go an alternative route – this was after two months of us checking to see how things were. mmm we were the fourth company she had seen, and yes the sample wasn’t great because her brief was a mix of all the other companies she had seen so was way beyond my comfort level. But thanks for letting me know you’re disappointed, 200 other brides weren’t!

Am I having a bad day or what!