Jumpstart your Creativity!

Envelopments with their pocketfold invitations, isn’t just about wedding stationery, it’s about a concept.  It’s not about just sticking an insert in and tying a ribbon around the front, it’s about you …

Think THEME. Think about the look or tone of the event and imagine what style is desired. You may wish to embrace the season, reflect the location, match the attire or convey the level of formality for an event. This will influence initial decisions about color and pattern combinations.

Consider CONTENT. Determine the information to be communicated. Do you require RSVPs and return envelopes?  Do you require maps, photos and text on your guest information sheets?  All this will help define the shape, size and capacity necessary to contain the communiqué.

So it’s not about just buying a design you see on a website, it’s all about you designing the wedding stationery of your dreams, and Wedding Paraphernalia turning those dreams into reality.

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