70 billion stationery websites …

It was overhead on twitter that somebody said there were 70 billion websites selling wedding invitations, each with 70 billion different designs.

So where do you start?

If you google wedding invitations, wedding stationery, handmade wedding invitations; thousands upon thousands of sites come up.  Some with fantastic photography and free samples.  Some with real homemade sites that you only look at one page.

We don’t know where you would start … we’ve given up trying to work out how the brides find us in the first place!

We personally like to work the American way where you design wedding stationery with the bride and groom, but the UK brides want to see samples of designs on your website, so back to square one googling wedding invitations, wedding stationery, pocketfold invites ….

Personally, I’m still loving Envelopments!