Happy New Year

Once again it’s a new year, but this time we have a new decade to look forward too.  The noughties are now over and what do we have now; the teenies?  And do you say two thousand and ten or twentyten?  Bring back the eighties I say!

Enough about my musings and back to the matter in hand; weddings.  What will 2010 bring us?

Pantone announced that its colour for 2010 is turquoise; and this was immediately seen in the Martha Stewart Wedding magazine by the Envelopments editorial with this design using pale golds and blues and then a brighter design using turquoise with red and green as seen here.  Our interpretation of both these designs will be available on our website by the end of the week – we love being an Envelopmentor!  It just opens up the design side of wedding invitations – why have off-the-shelf when you can have your own designed (and not pay the earth.)

So why not make it your New Year’s resolution to find yourself a wedding stationer – not just find your wedding stationery but find a stationer that you can work with to design the perfect wedding stationery for you.  Make it easy – call us and make an appointment at our retail store/studio!  If you aren’t local check out our website which is constantly being updated with new accessories and new designs.

Congratulations …

Both my eldest cousins have announced this year they are finally getting married. Congratulations to Mark & Louise who will be getting married in April, and to Gemma & Martin who are thinking about a winter wedding next year.

So that’s two more in the diary for next year, hopefully they will allow us to design some special wedding stationery for them …. better hurry though we are booking up fast.

We used to say to brides coming in to book for weddings up to two years away, come back in about 6 months, but they don’t. THEY WANT TO BOOK NOW. So we go by their timescales, put them in the diary and then have all their details ready for them when they are ready for us.

Doesn’t help me though when I date everything on the accounts 2009 because I’m already working on January through to April weddings next year!

I was “browsing” some of the competition websites yesterday, I need to pull my finger out and do some designing or refresh some old ideas at least. Any ideas anyone?

Wedding Venues

Etiquette says to send your wedding invitations out three months in advance with an RSVP date of six weeks prior to your wedding.

Those were the good old days before venues started asking for final numbers ten weeks before the event, because they have to order the food. Is that because our food travels such a long way now that we have to ask the producers to start growing it in plenty of time?

Why are the venues putting so much stress onto the alleged happy couples? This should be a time of happiness, enjoying the planning; but no everything is rush, rush, rush around the venue. And this is normally your biggest part of your budget – so lo behold you ask the chef for a free tasting session or something other than mushroom stroganoff for your vegetarians.

So come on you weekday working only wedding co-ordinators, stop passing the buck to the weekend hosts and help your couples relax and enjoy their planning. Oh and remember the groom’s name!

Here comes 2008

In the wedding industry, we are always working months in advance getting ready for the big day.

In particular, we make wedding invitations which need to be sent out three months before the wedding, and therefore signed off about 4 to 5 months before.  So we’ve been dating stuff 2008 for months, so I always get a touch confused at this time of year, surely it should be 2009!

The shop has been closed all week, well we don’t expect Rowellians in – but we have a lovely New Year’s Eve wedding to dress tomorrow before going off to Gloucester to welcome the new year in.

Maybe I will blog more in 2008

Who am I; who are we?

I’ve recently been introduced to blogging and I want to have a go – I may be boring, I may be uninteresting; but I have to have a go.

I am Jo Nicholson, the wedding stationery designer for Wedding Paraphernalia; a retail company in the heart of rural Northamptonshire offering wedding stationery, wedding favours, gifts and accessories. I run this business; along with my sister Mandie. We run this business; how good or how bad will show in our blog.

Welcome to our life; Wedding Paraphernalia.