Congratulations …

Both my eldest cousins have announced this year they are finally getting married. Congratulations to Mark & Louise who will be getting married in April, and to Gemma & Martin who are thinking about a winter wedding next year.

So that’s two more in the diary for next year, hopefully they will allow us to design some special wedding stationery for them …. better hurry though we are booking up fast.

We used to say to brides coming in to book for weddings up to two years away, come back in about 6 months, but they don’t. THEY WANT TO BOOK NOW. So we go by their timescales, put them in the diary and then have all their details ready for them when they are ready for us.

Doesn’t help me though when I date everything on the accounts 2009 because I’m already working on January through to April weddings next year!

I was “browsing” some of the competition websites yesterday, I need to pull my finger out and do some designing or refresh some old ideas at least. Any ideas anyone?