Wedding Stationery Trends for 2016

There are some great new trends coming through for 2016 particularly after years of “vintage”.

We’re seeing many geometric patterns, which is great for those couples who want to make a bold statement with colour and lines.

We have lots of different patterns – all of which are available in pocketfolds, wallets and cardstock so we are only limited by our imagination!


Invitations with Colour!

I love a bit of colour, in fact I would say that Wedding Paraphernalia specialises in colour as I don’t often do plain white, ivory or cream!

Today, I am shipping pretty gold pearlescent diamond flap laser cuts from my Nesbit range – their final destination being Jamaica. The gold gives them a beautiful luxury look – finished with the sparkle of the Swarovski crystals.

gold laser cut wedding invitation

Have a lovely time in Jamaica Zena, are you sure you don’t want me to hand deliver??

Black …

Black and white, black and silver, black and red, black and green, black and …… black.

Sarah and Paul’s colour was black and we mixed it with a light silver and a dark graphite, and finished everything with clear Swarovski crystals.

We folded white napkins and finished with a double tied ribbon – black sheer ribbon and a silver satin. Each napkin had a personalised menu; the ladies then had a little white notepad with the bride and groom’s name and the men had chocolate cigars.

Beautiful white roses in black martini glasses graced each table – the white roses were dipped in black ink and finished with crystals by Magnolia Florist.

We finished the tables with black table crystals, clear dewdrops, frosted tealight holders and diamond bubbles – how very sparkly!


Love is like a butterfly ….

Just as Dolly Parton sang; love is like a butterfly! Butterflies represent new life, new beginnings so why not choose butterflies in your wedding theme?

butterfly wedding invitation

At Wedding Paraphernalia we are loving the new styles of laser cuts that are coming through so would like to share our new Dahl design with you; butterflies and crystals, perfect for a wedding.

We seem to blog a lot about butterflies but what’s not to like!

Butterflies; the symbol of change

Butterflies have always been popular at weddings and as they symbolise change; they make a great theme for your wedding day.

They can be incorporated in many ways from your wedding invitations, through to your dress, your wedding cake and your wedding favours. Many accessories are available in matching sets including wedding guestbooks, pens, toasting flutes, wedding ring pillows and wedding garters.

white-and-lilac-butterfly-cake-server white-and-lilac-toasting-flutes white-and-lilac-butterfly-pen lilac-butterfly-guestbook

Butterflies are colourful, pretty and beautiful to watch – so don’t just keep to one colour scheme with your butterflies; embrace the colour!



Your wedding day; not a clash of the colours day …

Are you one of those brides that purchases something in your colour scheme just because it is in your colour scheme so they are a must have?

Think for a moment. Is everything going to match? Whilst we recommend that you don’t stress yourself by insisting everything is exactly the same colour, we want tones to come together. Every colour will have two tones; remember when you used to mix primary paint colours together at school to make new colours? Your purple bridesmaids may be the red side of purple, but the chair cover sashes you have ordered are the blue side and may  clash on the day.

iris majestic 

Stop before you press that Buy Now button or you may pay later! Work with a supplier that will work from a blank canvas with you; make you look at the whole day as a whole picture. It’s your wedding; it’s not your wedding favours are from here, your invites from here and the chair covers are supplied from someone that hasn’t even met you; it’s a very special day, it’s your wedding day and the one day that you don’t get to rehearse.

You’ve already bought the wedding favours, because you couldn’t resist. Let’s start from there. Let’s put that wedding favour on the white tablecloth, with a white napkin, glassware and cutlery. Now let’s add a ribbon round the napkin, that complements the wedding favour. Now let’s add a place name tag to that ribbon. Ooooo let’s use that lovely plum card as a backing because it complements the wedding favour box and the napkin ribbon – and suddenly your wedding stationery “look and design” starts coming together.

Don’t be frightened to say to your suppliers “how will that flow with everything else?”.A good wedding supplier will walk you through it – we do it every day, hopefully you will only do this once and we only get one day to make it work.

This method will also work if you are making everything yourself; any good supplier will offer you friendly advice, send you samples and make recommendations!

At the end of the day, it will also save you money – stop buying lots of bits on e**y and hope for the best …. look at your day as a whole and it will come together.

Peacock Feathers for a wedding … yes or no?

I just love peacock feathers, the vibrant blue and green colours are beautiful and are perfect for a flamboyantly coloured wedding. peacock feather boutonnière

So is it just an old wives tale that they can be unlucky?

peacock feather wedding bouquet

Unlucky or not, we have a beautiful range of wedding accessories and wedding stationery using peacock feathers and brightly coloured satins, as well as print with sparkly crystals.

Using the wonderful bronze Plumes pattern from Envelopments – our Keats design has a peacock feather print and is finished with emerald Swarovski crystals.

peacock feather wedding invitationMatch this with a table plan and favour boxes too!

Our accessory range feature lovely blue and green sashes, peacock feathers and rhinestones and can be purchased as a collection or individually. We have a guestbook and pen set, ring pillow, garter and flowergirl basket.

peacock feather ring pillow and guestbook