Discover your style at Etsy

Being a craftsman, I love to design bespoke wedding invitations and wedding favours that are one of a kind – bespoke to my couple’s wedding;
after all hopefully your wedding is a once in a lifetime event!


I can spend hours looking through Etsy – admiring the hours of work that has gone into many of the products showcased. Etsy is a wonderful world of small handmade businesses from across the world.


From handmade flower pins to beautifully handcrafted wedding rings;
and we just love Nina Holden’s fabulous baked products!


Check out this week’s Editors Picks for their Wedding Style Guide and let us know if you find that must-have, one of a kind item for your wedding.

Happy hunting!

Black …

Black and white, black and silver, black and red, black and green, black and …… black.

Sarah and Paul’s colour was black and we mixed it with a light silver and a dark graphite, and finished everything with clear Swarovski crystals.

We folded white napkins and finished with a double tied ribbon – black sheer ribbon and a silver satin. Each napkin had a personalised menu; the ladies then had a little white notepad with the bride and groom’s name and the men had chocolate cigars.

Beautiful white roses in black martini glasses graced each table – the white roses were dipped in black ink and finished with crystals by Magnolia Florist.

We finished the tables with black table crystals, clear dewdrops, frosted tealight holders and diamond bubbles – how very sparkly!


Lasercut Wedding Favour Boxes

Lasercut designs have been huge this year and will continue into 2015. Their delicate design fits in well with weddings.

We’ve now increased our lasercut designs into wedding favour boxes and have four designs, all of which are available in rustic kraft, pearlised ivory or pearlised white.


They arrive flat pack for you to add your own ribbon and are £6.99 for a pack of 10. Your guests will love them!

Butterflies; the symbol of change

Butterflies have always been popular at weddings and as they symbolise change; they make a great theme for your wedding day.

They can be incorporated in many ways from your wedding invitations, through to your dress, your wedding cake and your wedding favours. Many accessories are available in matching sets including wedding guestbooks, pens, toasting flutes, wedding ring pillows and wedding garters.

white-and-lilac-butterfly-cake-server white-and-lilac-toasting-flutes white-and-lilac-butterfly-pen lilac-butterfly-guestbook

Butterflies are colourful, pretty and beautiful to watch – so don’t just keep to one colour scheme with your butterflies; embrace the colour!



Your wedding day; not a clash of the colours day …

Are you one of those brides that purchases something in your colour scheme just because it is in your colour scheme so they are a must have?

Think for a moment. Is everything going to match? Whilst we recommend that you don’t stress yourself by insisting everything is exactly the same colour, we want tones to come together. Every colour will have two tones; remember when you used to mix primary paint colours together at school to make new colours? Your purple bridesmaids may be the red side of purple, but the chair cover sashes you have ordered are the blue side and may  clash on the day.

iris majestic 

Stop before you press that Buy Now button or you may pay later! Work with a supplier that will work from a blank canvas with you; make you look at the whole day as a whole picture. It’s your wedding; it’s not your wedding favours are from here, your invites from here and the chair covers are supplied from someone that hasn’t even met you; it’s a very special day, it’s your wedding day and the one day that you don’t get to rehearse.

You’ve already bought the wedding favours, because you couldn’t resist. Let’s start from there. Let’s put that wedding favour on the white tablecloth, with a white napkin, glassware and cutlery. Now let’s add a ribbon round the napkin, that complements the wedding favour. Now let’s add a place name tag to that ribbon. Ooooo let’s use that lovely plum card as a backing because it complements the wedding favour box and the napkin ribbon – and suddenly your wedding stationery “look and design” starts coming together.

Don’t be frightened to say to your suppliers “how will that flow with everything else?”.A good wedding supplier will walk you through it – we do it every day, hopefully you will only do this once and we only get one day to make it work.

This method will also work if you are making everything yourself; any good supplier will offer you friendly advice, send you samples and make recommendations!

At the end of the day, it will also save you money – stop buying lots of bits on e**y and hope for the best …. look at your day as a whole and it will come together.

Colour trends

Last week Pantone announced that THE colour for 2010 is going to be turquoise.

But just how quickly, does this come down the line into fashion trends and then bridalwear?

Wedding Paraphernalia is seeing a lot of purple and lilac again for 2010, so does this mean our brides are not trendy, or does it mean that the turquoise hues won’t make it to the bridal catwalk until the 2011 season?

To be quite honest, having been a stationery designer now for ten years, we’ve seen most colours, with most colours staying around for years.  Chocolate brown was the new colour about four years ago, along with sage green three years ago; but they are still both popular colours.

Purple and lilac seem to come round every two years and we are even seeing a return to coral now – peach in the 60’s!

So what will turquoise bring?

Personally I love this new design from Pretty Wild, the Belle Epoque, which mixes several shades together.

But if you type into Google “turquoise weddings” all the images come up with every shade of blue from pale aqua through to almost a navy blue.  Turquoise to me is bright vibrant colour, just like this wedding cravat.

And just another note – most of the links on the forums coming up on Google, were from brides looking for turquoise items in 2008 – so that goes back to our every two years malarky!

I’m going to leave you with some of our own turquoise images:

5x7 Pocketfold from our Washington Range

Wedding favours for the kids

Gumball Machine Wedding Favour

Lacy butterflies in turquoise

Butterfly Table Plan

Wedding Favours

With a global downturn in the economy, brides may be wanting to cut back costs where they can. Wedding favours may be one of the cutbacks – but have you thought about incorporating them into your place settings?

What about tying some ribbon around a folded napkin and finish with a chocolate heart?  Or a firm favourite is the lottery ticket – why not put it into an envelope and have your guest name typed onto it to save on namecards?

Sprinkle mini chocolate hearts over the table instead of metallic confetti or sparkly lucky chocolate silver sixpences?

Wedding favours aren’t just about a gift for the ladies – they give the finishing touches to your reception table.