Don’t let your wedding suppliers design YOUR dream wedding.

As an insider of the wedding industry for over nineteen years, it still amazes me when I rock up to a wedding that it’s the same old wedding; just a different date and a different couple.

Wake up and smell the roses (or peonies) girls (and boys).

The only reason the rustic wooden tree trunks are trendy is because your wedding supplier wants to get the most income back from their outlay. The only reason you’re sitting in a farmer’s field in a teepee is because someone told you a hotel or stately home charge you more when you mention the word WEDDING – oh and your best friend’s mate had one and it looked so twee…

Don’t allow yourself to be packaged; don’t be the Disney Theme Number 2 or the Glittery Package B. Don’t allow yourself to be told that you need to use this photographer and this wedding cake maker because “they are part of the package”. What happened to choice?

So what if you want to have fuchsia pink gerberas in your bouquet and you want your groom to wear a yellow tie – if that suits your personality then go for it. Of course, you may pay dearly for fuchsia pink gerberas at Christmas but it’s your budget!

You’ve been dreaming about your big day since you were six years old – was the rustic look in then? If it was then lovely and of course, you can’t beat a bit of gyp – but if it wasn’t your dream then it’s not going to be now – live your dream, after all you want it to be the best day of your life xx

#bringbackmyweddingdream #myweddingmychoice #dontforgetthegroom #contentmarathon #noendorsements #wedding

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