Wedding Speeches

Are you looking forward to the speeches at your wedding? Or are you dreading what the best man might reveal, whether the matron of honour wants to have her say and will dad be able to get through without crying? Are your guests going to run a tote on how long the speeches are going to last?

Traditionally, wedding speeches start after your wedding breakfast, just after coffee has been served. You may want to check with the venue timings for this so that there is minimal noise. Although, these days many couples are opting to have the speeches before so that those speaking can enjoy their meal, having got the stress of the speeches out of the way – again check timings with your caterers.

Up first is the Father of the Bride who will welcome the groom to the family, thank the guests for coming and then normally give away a few of the bride’s childhood secrets. This will be the first official toast to the bride and groom as the newly married couple. Hopefully a generous guest will have bought you some lovely toasting flutes, ones that you can keep to remind you of this special occasion like these red heart champagne flutes, which are engraved with a special message.

red heart champagne flutesThen it’s the turn of the groom – please remember to tell your bride how beautiful she looks and what a wonderful job she has done planning the wedding! Major brownie points for you!!

Thank your new father-in-law for his speech and then hand out any thank you gifts that you may have for the bridal party.

Finish by toasting the bridesmaids.

Lastly it’s the best man – the one we’ve all been waiting for hopefully. Firstly, he replies on behalf of the bridesmaids thanking the groom for his toast. Then it’s carte blanche as to what happens next. Please remember to make sure the tone is kept in keeping with the guests that are there …. what may be funny in the pub may not necessary get the laugh you expected with grandma. And remember, what happens on the stag do, stays on the stag do – do the guests really want to know about ……. the less said about that the better.

Finally, toast the bride and groom – the happy couple.

Sometimes the bride may want to speak, along with the Chief Bridesmaid. If the bride wants to speak do this after the Father of the Bride or maybe think about doing a joint bride and groom speech.  The Chief Bridesmaid can be slotted in where you think appropriate.

Just remember to keep most of the speeches to about 5 or 6 minutes maximum – although the best man speech may be longer. You don’t want to bore your guests or keep your evening guests waiting!

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