It’s so cold…

Orders for our Missouri design have increased and increased and increased …. must be the snowy weather.

We all love a bit of bling and this wedding stationery range is covered in it!

Pocketfold Wedding Invitation with Crystal Snowflake

Winter Wonderland Snowflake Pocketfold Wedding Invitation

Using beautiful crystal snowflakes this pocketfold wedding invitation is finished with a sprinkling of Swarovski crystals.

The inside has a further sprinkling and the insert can be backed with a colour of your choice – although most go for silver!

We made this design with a blue pocketfold recently and it was absolutely stunning.

Full range is available including place settings, table plans, order of service – with or without the crystal snowflake.


Save the Dates

When we first went into business in 2002 we would work with couples for up to two or three years as they planned their weddings.

We then went through a phase of buy, buy, buy with the era of ebay and such like suddenly everything had to be done at a million miles an hour.

We’re pleased to say that we are now working again at a leisurely pace and are working with couples right into 2016! Yes, that’s three years away.

You’re excited, you’ve booked the date; you have your venue and you are beginning to tell people about your plans. And now you’re worried that friends will book the same date, family will book holidays.

save the date card, daisy, crystal, purple and silver, purple

Arkansas Save the Date in Amethyst, Ivory and Silver

Now is the time to send out your save the date cards.  This used to be a real American trend which trickled across the pond – we’re now great believers in them because you can send them to your wedding guests and then relax!

Can be as simple as a text message or go for the more elaborate and set up a photo-shoot with your photographer. We have got a Pinterest board where we regularly post new photos that catch our eye.

Of course we have a Save the Date to match each one of our wedding stationery ranges and a few of them are available to buy online.

Vintage Lace Collection

According to the Oxford Dictionary vintage denotes something from the past of high quality, especially representing the best of its kind. It used to be a term that just related to wine!

These days vintage is the cool word for most weddings, but what you think is vintage isn’t necessarily what the next bride thinks.

We recently read an article from the States that said vintage was here to stay now because it was a good excuse to visit fleamarkets and charity shops for exceptional bargains in times of austerity.

However you feel about the vintage trend – there’s always going to be new products that are brought to market to give a feel to the latest trends and we are no exception.


Vintage Lace Collection Wedding Ring Pillow

We are therefore pleased to show you today our Vintage Lace Guestbook and matching Ring Pillow!

Both are beautifully designed using cream lace and satin and finished with a crystal button – giving them both an antique-lace feel. You never know if you keep them long enough your grand-daughter may want them as authentic vintage products in the future!


Vintage Lace Collection Wedding Guestbook

Both items are available to purchase online at at £23.99 each.