We love our job …

Some days we absolutely love being in the wedding industry, days when everyone is fluffy and creative.

Today, we are preparing for three weddings on Saturday, all local and all hot pink!

Saturday is our local “wedding of the year” and we are pleased to be involved with an event that is going to be spectacular. The bride has an image of how she wants her day to go and has worked hard to create that image, along with her father (who hopefully will be joining our planning team in the years to come!).

Hopefully we will be able to post some pictures at the weekend, as there will be two different fresh flower table plans, a host of different nametags and the flowers are going to be just stunning!

Ganesha …

We’ve had a lovely couple in the shop today, the bride is from Nepal so we get to do some research into different cultures.

We came up with the idea of using Ganesha, who is a widely known god, on their place settings and table plan. So watch this space for photos in the future; of course we can’t publish until after the event as we don’t want to ruin the surprise for anyone (least of all us as we haven’t done the research yet!)

Luxurious Brown Ribbon …

Tied around a beautiful pearl pocketfold card and finished with a tag set on chocolate brown card. Beautiful and tomorrow they will be flying off to the cathedral in Manila, Philippines for a wedding in August. We certainly get a window to other cultures in our line of work, which reminds me I must get the camera out more often.

And so to this afternoon … with amethyst pockets filled with a pink and white insert and tied with baby pink ribbon, don’t forget the sparkly Swarowski crystal to finish the look. Another beautiful design even if I do say so myself. It was this design
Maine design
but in purple and pink and without the Tying the Knot.

Tomorrow, another day another dollar. 180 Order of Service, 178 table settings, menus, table plans and this is just for our big wedding on Saturday – not forgetting we have two more just as important.

Found out today that we are on the list of preferred suppliers for Rushton Hall – Northamptonshire’s most prestigious venue – shame they don’t send the list out to everyone!

Congratulations …

Both my eldest cousins have announced this year they are finally getting married. Congratulations to Mark & Louise who will be getting married in April, and to Gemma & Martin who are thinking about a winter wedding next year.

So that’s two more in the diary for next year, hopefully they will allow us to design some special wedding stationery for them …. better hurry though we are booking up fast.

We used to say to brides coming in to book for weddings up to two years away, come back in about 6 months, but they don’t. THEY WANT TO BOOK NOW. So we go by their timescales, put them in the diary and then have all their details ready for them when they are ready for us.

Doesn’t help me though when I date everything on the accounts 2009 because I’m already working on January through to April weddings next year!

I was “browsing” some of the competition websites yesterday, I need to pull my finger out and do some designing or refresh some old ideas at least. Any ideas anyone?

Today ….

We import a lot of goods from Canada; lovely ring cushions, guestbooks, cake toppers, garters to name but a few.

We order maybe once or twice a month and the goods arrive, hopefully, two weeks later. We therefore have a 28 day delivery policy because we can’t stock everything; our shop is just not big enough. But this is written in our terms, is written on every page that Canadian products appear on and is written on our order information page. So why do brides still ring two days before their wedding and ask if we can get them in time? No, unfortunately we can’t but now I feel bad because we can’t! Why do I allow my business to get personal all the time!

We also had a lovely email from a lady that told us how disappointed she was with the quality of our sample and she had decided to go an alternative route – this was after two months of us checking to see how things were. mmm we were the fourth company she had seen, and yes the sample wasn’t great because her brief was a mix of all the other companies she had seen so was way beyond my comfort level. But thanks for letting me know you’re disappointed, 200 other brides weren’t!

Am I having a bad day or what!

Designing Wedding Invitations

The National Wedding Show at the NEC, Birmingham is fast approaching again, only 16 weeks before we are showing our new designs. Are we ready? Of course we’re not!

This time we really want to showcase our new pocketfold invitation designs and I have just been very naughty and ordered lots of new lovely papers and cards from Envelopments to play with.

But what are the trends going to be? Are we going plain, lots of colour, no ribbon, lots of ribbon, lots of layers or just plain black and white.

It is very difficult to imagine what your invitations could look like, and with the variety we can make with the use of the Envelopments studio, the world is your oyster.

Watch this space … we may showcase our designs here first!

Arkanasas Design by Wedding Paraphernalia Maine Design by Wedding Paraphernalia California Design by Wedding Paraphernalia


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