We opened the curtains last night to find snow was falling at a pretty fast rate.  Ellie and Rhys wanted to immediately go out and play – in the dark and the cold.

OK, say I.  I have high heeled boots on and no coat but heyho let’s go.  I last two minutes with Mandie’s coat on – it was too cold. But it just kept falling and falling and I had to drive home in my high heeled boots and no grit underneath the tyres.

It snowed and snowed all night and Tony (hubby) had to go to work at 5.30 am – I’m thinking great he will have to work in the shop with me all day – looked out of the window and it was gone – where did it go I can here the kids shout – what a waste of good snow.

It’s cold and wet today – no snow anywhere to be seen.


Simon Elvin tells us to think about our retail display for Christmas in October.  Well, we thought about it.

We’ve got some stock out – but now our window is bare – although we do have a Baby’s First Christmas signature plate and some DIY christmas cards there.

It’s always the way – we get everything out, start to move everything in the shop, and everyone wants to come in – hurrah at last.

So we’ve got some bits out but are suddenly inundated with requests for samples for wedding invitations which is fantastic.  More work for me – but will be training Mandie tomorrow as soon as she has finished the accounts lol.

We had a call today from a government body for training.  Apparently we qualify for training – which we have to pay for – how does this qualification thing work then?  We don’t need training.  “Are all your staff fully qualified then madam?”  Yes, both of us can make wedding invitations and wedding favours thank you.  She couldn’t really respond to that!

Christmas – maybe they have a training course in Christmas?

Copyright in the Wedding Industry

I visit a wedding forum on Hitched to keep up with trends in the wedding world, to see what it happening.  Today, I got hooked on one particular post about a wedding dress being blatantly copied by a chinese company advertising on e**y.  The real one costs £1000, the copied one was up for £4.88.

This caused a huge row on the forum, instigated by a fellow wedding stationery designer.  She seemed to advocate that it was okay to copy a wedding dress because they are overpriced; but her own website states that she will “persue a legal claim of copyright” – her spelling not mine.

I would hope that when I am sat here designing beautiful wedding stationery that whilst I am influenced by current trends; my designs are mine and are recognisable as my style.

Why do people believe they can “copy” a design and pass it off as their own.  A lot of energy goes into making these products; but it seems the internet has made it an “open shop” to just go and help yourself.

But it’s not just the product and the design that are “borrowed”, we’ve seen incidents of both photographs and text being “borrowed” from websites.  We regularly check our website on which shows if any text has been copied elsewhere.

This is always going to be open to debate I suppose, let the battle commence!

Another go ..

Back again, although must try harder to find something exciting to write about – running a small business is not as fun and glamorous as people make out – but then they are driving their 4×4 to the hairdresser whilst we are still running our business at grass root level.

Our accountant has been in; he says that we are doing ok on the accounting system – sorry that should be Mandie is doing well on the accounting system – I keep away if I can – I have my own figure to worry about. He [our accountant] wants us to increase our turnover by about £30K next year. Not a lot I hear you cry – but there’s only two of us here.

Our web stats are looking good for a small business. Web stats; did you read the article in The Times. Apparently it was about real visits, page views and the discrepancies between numbers. We have real visits. So when I say I had 113 to the website yesterday – that was real visitors; my host company says 273. So if anyone can explain web visitors to me, I am all ears. Although all I need to know is that people are buying!

Mandie held a fantastic Halloween party at home; she’s the one with the kids – these pictures are of Ellie the witch and Rhys the Dracula.

Rhys as Dracula

Ellie the Witch

They are the reason why we want to increase our turnover – the next generation of Wedding Paraphernalia. Although I can already hear Ellie (5) say “I don’t want to work in a shop”.

Oh, we have a customer in the shop – back to work.